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https://secure.peta.org/site/Advocac...m_medium=AlertWhat This Lab Does to Babies Will Break Your Heart

Each year, 40 to 60 monkeys are born at a National Institutes of Health (NIH) laboratory—many of them intentionally bred to be genetically predisposed to mental illness for extremely cruel experiments. Half these babies are stolen from their mothers just hours after being born—and they will never see them again.

The point of these experiments is to inflict mental trauma on the motherless babies and cause them to suffer from intense fear, aggression, depression, and anxiety. Many of the tormented baby monkeys experience hair loss and diarrhea and some even engage in self-mutilation.
Infants are caged with their mothers, who are chemically sedated, have their nipples taped over, and are placed in a car seat. The terrified babies scream and cry, climbing onto and frantically shaking their unresponsive mothers.

In at least one case, experimenters can be heard laughing while a mother tries to remain awake in order to comfort her distraught child. In some trials, the experimenters even release an electronic snake into the cage with the baby monkeys, who innately fear the reptiles.

Newborn infants are restrained inside tiny mesh cages and placed in "startle chambers." The experimenters then deliberately scare the babies with loud noises, causing them to cry out and try futilely to hide or escape. SEE THE OTHER SHOCKING PHOTOS.
The Video That Will Break Your Heart
Videos and photos obtained by PETA show how experimenter Stephen Suomi and his coworkers terrorize the animals:

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